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Standard Operating Procedure - F&A

1 Cash Trasnfer between CSI and Non CSI Link
2 COD Epayment Steps Document Link
3 Reversing the Clearing Document Link
4 CQ Request Process Link
5 Cash transfer Process Link
6 CSI_COD_SOP v2 Link
7 COD Biller Reports v2.0(Prior Frontending) Link
8 Asset Procurement in CSI Link
9 Procurement in CSI_CSD Link
10 Procurement in CSI_PSD Link
11 Procurement of Commemorative stamps & Ancillaries in CSI at HO Link
12 Vendor Creation Manual_CSI Link
13 Guide for Requisition & procurement in CSI Link
14 Procedure for Sale of Gangajal bottles through CSI POS Link
15 Accounting procedure for the apportionment of Revenue/Expenditure from one Circle to another Circle/PAO Link
16 User Manual for Changing E-mail IDs for receiving excess cash alert Link
17 Provision to Delete the Erroneously inputted Bank Statement Link
18 Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Accounting procedure Link
19 SOP for Creation of Bank Key Link
20 Bank Key Creation Template Link
21 User Manual on Manual voucher posting report Link
22 Complete SOP on Budget Process_10.01.2023 (Uploaded on 18-01-2023) Link
23 New BRS – Posting through Jobs Link
24 New BRS – Posting through Jobs (Updated on 17-08-2022) Link
25 CSI 10 to 15 digit GL Mapping list with Description as on 01.12.2023(Uploaded on 08-12-2023) Link
26 F-32 User Manual for Franking & Philately Customer Settlement(Uploaded on 14-11-2022) Link
27 F-32 User Manual for Advance Customer Settlement(Uploaded on 14-11-2022) Link
28 Guide on Doc Exclusion from Payment Link
29 User Manual on Reversal Report Link
30 SOP for report generation to identify difference in PFMS and CGA (Uploaded on 07-06-2023) Link
31 User Guide for Bank reconciliation in CSI (Uploaded on 14-09-2023) Link
32 User Guide On Process To Maintain The Workflow In CSI F&A Module (Uploaded on 15-09-2023) Link
33 User Guide For Clearing Documents Involving Same GL: F-03 (Uploaded on 15-09-2023) Link
34 User Guide For Clearing Documents Involving Two Different GL: F-04 (Uploaded on 15-09-2023) Link
35 User Guide for BNPL Customer Balance Clearance Revised Process F-02&F-04 for FY 24-25-SAP Link

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