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1 1-13/2021-SPG.I (ii)18/10/2021Additional Charge of the Post of Chief Investment Officer (CIO), PLI Investment Board
2 FS-07/1/2021- FS-DOP- Part (1)18/10/2021SB Order 30/2021 -Amendment to Rule 3(1) & 4 of Appendix III (Incentive Scheme for Branch Postmasters) of POSB CBS Manual circulated through SB order No.09/2018 dtd 17.07.2018
3 FS-32/1/2021 FS-DOP18/10/2021SB Order 31/2021 -Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for dealing with cases of amalgamation of PPF accounts
4 PP-26/1/2020-PAP-DOP14/10/2021Productivity Linked Bonus for the Accounting Year 2020-21
5 FS-13/7/2020-FS13/10/2021SB Order 29/2021 - adjustment of interest through HINTTM menu for premature closure of PPF account, deceased claim closure of SCSS/SSA account in CBS post offices and payment of excess deposit amount in MIS in case of death of joint account holder
6 16-03 (2)/2019-Inspn12/10/2021Supplementary Inspection Questionnaire for Circle/ RO
7 FS-13/7/2020-FS12/10/2021SB Order 28/2021 - Introduction of the ‘Interactive Voice Response (IVR) facility for POSB customers
8 1-7/2020-SPG11/10/2021Leave arrangement for the post of Director General Postal Services (DGPS)
9 R-17/1/2021-SPG05/10/2021Vacancy in Universal Postal Union (UPU) for Human Resources Development, Training and Procedures Programme Manager (P4)
10 1-1/2021-SPG-1 (Part.)01/10/2021Charge of the post of CPMG Delhi Circle
11 1-1/2021-SPG-1 (Part)30/09/2021Additional Charge of the post of CGM, Parcel Directorate
12 1-7/2021-SPG-130/09/2021Additional Charge of the posts of PMG, Berhampur Region and PMG, Sambalpur Region
13 113-03/2017-SB(Pt.1)30/09/2021SB Order 27/2021 - Revision of interest rates for Small Savings Schemes w.e.f. 01.10.2021
14 4-7/MACPS/ 2019-PCC29/09/2021Clarification on Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP) Scheme
15 25-4/2013-SPG (Vol-II)29/09/2021Auto-forwarding of APAR in SPARROW for the assessment year 2020-21
16 13-2/2021-SPG28/09/2021Retirement of IPoS Group ‘A’ officers in HAG Grade
17 19-24/2020-GDS28/09/2021Instructions on modality for upward revision of TRCA of GDSs consequent upon increase in workload
18 13-1/2021-SPG-128/09/2021Retirement on superannuation of Dr. Charles Lobo (IPoS:1987), Member (Operations) PSB w.e.f. 30.09.2021 (A/N)
19 8-1/2019-lnv23/09/2021Revision of the monetary limits for investigations in loss and fraud cases by different authorities in the Departments of posts
20 No. 4-7/MACPS/ 2019-PCC22/09/2021Instructions on Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP) Scheme - reg.
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