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1 13-2/2021-SPG(i)28/01/2022Notification
2 13-2/2021-SPG(ii)28/01/2022Notification
3 13-2/2021-SPG(iii)28/01/2022Notification
4 X-12/1/2019-SPN-II-Part(1)28/01/2022Guidelines for rotational transfers of Group ‘C’, Group ‘B’ (Gazetted and Non-Gazetted) and Group ‘A’ (JTS and STS) officials / officers working in a Circle for the year 2022-23
5 25-09/2012-FS-CBS Part(1)25/01/2022SB Order 2/2022 - Introduction of online PAN verification functionality in Finacle CBS System
6 17-23/2016-GDS21/01/2022Implementation of revised GDS online engagement process
7 20-01/2021-SPG20/01/2022Reminder for Submission of AIPR for the year ending 2021 (as on 31.12.2021)
8 1-1/2021-SPG-1 (Part.)19/01/2022Assigning statutory powers of Head of Circle, Chhatisgarh
9 56-02/2018-LI18/01/2022MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) Charges in r/o PLI/RPLI online transactions to be borne by Customers w.e.f.17.01.2022
10 01-36/2008-Trg17/01/2022Institutional training of PA (MMS) at PTCs
11 FS-09/1/2021-FS-DOP13/01/2022SB Order 01/2022 - Steps to be taken for smooth functioning of POSB operations and prevention of frauds in post offices
12 18-1/2021-SPG12/01/2022Comments regarding Civil List as on 01.01.2022 of IPoS Group ‘A’ & Draft Civil List of as on 01.01.2022 of IPoS Group ‘A’
13 17/1/2022-PAP-DOP12/01/2022Modification of instructions regarding Booking of Air Tickets on Government account
14 17/2/2022-PAP-DOP12/01/2022Admissibility of Composite Transfer Grant (CTG) on Retirement
15 16-01/2018-Inspn (Pt.)11/01/2022Annual Inspection Programme of Members, Postal Services Board & Additional DG (Coord.) for the year 2022
16 A-34012/03/2021-DE05/01/2022Conducting of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) for promotion to the cadre of Inspector Posts (66.66%) for the vacancy year 2019,2020 & 2021, scheduled to be held on l5th & 16th January, 2022 - Postponement
17 X-12/6/2021-SPN-II05/01/2022Transfer Policy Guidelines dated 17.01.2019
18 4-8/2018-CWP/1305/01/2022Final Seniority List in the grade of JE (C) at all India level in DoP as on 01-01-2022
19 4-11/2018-CWP/1205/01/2022Final Seniority List in the grade of JE (E) at all India level in DoP as on 01-01-2022
20 10-01/2021-Inspn04/01/2022Guidelines for annual inspection by CPMG/ PMG/ DPS
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