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1 9-06/2021-SPG-II23/02/2024Promotion in Postal Service Group B Cadre-Corrigendum
2 9-06/2021-SPG-I21/02/2024Promotion in Postal Service Group B Cadre for the vacancy year 2016-17 case of Shri Balbir Singh, Punjab Circle
3 1-4/2024-SPG20/02/2024Transfers & Postings in Higher Administrative Grade (HAG) of IPoS Group ‘A’
4 9-02/2023-SPG-II19/02/2024Transfer/Posting in PS Group B Cadre
5 1-8/2023-SPG06/02/2024Promotion to the post of Director General Postal Services in the Department of Posts
6 09-02/2023-SPG/II02/02/2024Promotion/Posting in PS Group B cadre
7 4-2/2023-SPG02/02/2024Ad-hoc promotion and postings of Postal Service (PS), Group 'B' officers to Junior Time Scale (JTS) of Indian Postal Service (IPoS), Group 'A' in the Level-l0 (Rs. 56,100- 1,77,500) of the Pay Matrix and transfers/postings of adhoc JTS Officers of IPoS, Group 'A'.
8 4-13/ 2012/CWP/ Vol.VII/3031/01/2024Transfer & Posting in the grade of Assistant Engineer (E)
9 9-01/2018-SPG-II31/01/2024Promotion in PS Group B Cadre
10 1-07/2022-SPG25/01/2024Regularization of ad-hoc promotion in HAG of IPoS Group ‘A’
11 4-1/2023-SPG-Part(1)24/01/2024Transfer/Posting of Senior Time Scale (STS) Officer of Indian Postal Service (IPoS), Group 'A'
12 X-07/15/2023-SPN-II18/01/2024Inter Circle transfer in the cadre of Inspector Posts and ASP
13 X-07/15/2023-SPN-II18/01/2024Centralized cadre management of IP/ASP - modalities for repatriation of IP/ASP on field service to APS
14 R-04/8/2023-SPG-DOP17/01/2024Promotion to Senior Time Scale (STS) of Indian Postal Service (IPoS), Group ‘A’ in the Level-11 of the Pay Matrix (Rs. 67,700 - 2,08,700) [Pre-revised PB-3: Rs. 15600-39100 + GP Rs. 6600/-] for the year 2024
15 PF-IPoS-204/SPG16/01/2024Appointment of Dr. Kushal Kumar Pathak (IPoS:2000), General Manager (Admin. & BD), Department of Posts as Joint Secretary in Level-14 of the Pay Matrix in the Rajya Sabha Secretariat
16 4-2/2023-SPG15/01/2024Ad-hoc promotion and posting of Shri Sarbeswar Mishra PS, Gr ‘B’ officer to JTS of IPoS, Gr ‘A’ in the Level-10 (Rs. 56100-177500) of the Pay Matrix.
17 9-02/2023-SPG-ll11/01/2024Transfer/Posting in Group B Cadre
18 1-7/2023-SPG08/01/2024Additional Charge in Higher Administrative Grade
19 R-04/2/2022-SPG-DOP05/01/2024Acceptance of technical resignation tendered by Shri Jeenu Sri Jaswanth Chandra (IPoS:2022)
20 4-15/2018-SPG05/01/2024Assumption of charge of the post of ADG (STT) in the Department of Posts
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