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Transfer Orders/ Misc (Circles) Date Format (DD/MM/YYYY)

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Sl. No.Order No.DateDetails 
1 STA/50-1/rule38/DR/202114/10/2021Final Waiting list of Intra Circle Transfer Rule38 Transfer request in r/o Direct quota of PA/SA of Maharashtra Circle
2 STA/50-5/R-38/MMS Corr/202111/10/2021Final waiting list of Inter Circle Transfer - MMS Driver Cadre under Rule 38 - Maharashtra Circle
3 STA/50-1/Rule38/DP/202108/10/2021Final Waiting list of Intra Circle Transfer Rule 38 transfer request in r/o Departmental Promotee quota of PA/SA - Maharashtra Circle
4 STA/50-1/Rule38/Postman Cadre/202108/10/2021Final Waiting list of Intra Circle Rule 38 Transfer request of Postman Cadre for year 2021 - Maharashtra Circle
5 STA/50-1/Rule38/MTS/202108/10/2021Final waiting list of MTS cadre Transfer Under Rule 38 - Maharashtra Circle
6 Stattt-II/Rule-38/Misc-1/2021 07/10/2021Inter circle outward Rule-38 transfer request register of PA/SA/PA CO (Uttarakhand circle)
7 STA/50-5/Rule 38/IC/202106/10/2021Final waiting list of Inter Circle Transfer Under Rule 38 - Maharashtra Circle
8 Staff-II/Rule-38/JH/2020/Ch-I29/09/2021Approval of vacancies for the year 2021 in different cadre under Rule-38 of Postal Manual Vol.IV - JHARKHAND Circle
9 STA/1-21/ASP/Rule-38/Outward/202124/09/2021Inter-Circle Rule -38 outward transfer of APS cadre – Karnataka Circle
10 Staff/Rule-38/NE/2021 dated at Shillong21/09/2021Outward list of Inter/Intra Circle transfers under Rule-38 from N.E. Circle
11 STA/R-38/Dlgs/202113/09/2021Inter-Circle Outward Rule-38 transfer request register of IP/Stenographer/LSG/PA(PO)/PA(CO/RO)/PA(SBCO)/SA/Postman. (Karnataka Circle)
12 STA 8-18/Corr/Rule-38/202113/09/2021Regarding uploading of updated data file related to Outward Transfer Request register for Inter Circle cases of MP Circle to Rajasthan Circle under provisions of rule-38 of PM Volume-IV.
13 STA/R-38/Dlgs/202108/09/2021Inter Circle Outward rule-38 transfer request register of IP/Stenographer/LSG/PA(PO)/PA(CO/RO)/PA(SBCO)/SA/Postman
14 ST/45-Rule-38/PA/SA/2020-Ch-I03/09/2021Memo of Approval for intra Circle rule 38 transfer in PA/SA/Postman/Mail Guard/MTS cadre for the vacancy year 2021
15 STA/29-162/202129/07/2021Outward list of inter/intra circle Rule-38 Transfer request from Tamilnadu Circle
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