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1 CEPT/IT Policies/201506/11/2015Email Policy of Department of Posts
2 PMG (CCR)/Misc./201505/10/2015100% CBS Division - Vellore Division, Chennai City Region, Tamilnadu Circle
3 .09/06/2015A Noble Cause: Shri D. Babulal, an official of Anna Road HPO, Chennai 600002, pledged to donate his whole body after death to Madras Medical College for Medical research.
4 .27/05/2015SAs at POs can remove host entry if any made in local systems in their POs. This avoids difficulty of connecting to cept servers.
5 GDS/CHQ.1/201520/03/2015All India GDS Union calls off the Indefinite Strike
6 .25/05/2014Instruction for Accessing Your Indiapost mails
7 .26/06/2013PLI Brochure
8 .26/06/2013A Story about Change_Chapter 2
9 .30/05/2013IT Modernisation Project_Core Banking Solution_Brochure.pdf
10 .15/05/2013IT Modernisation Project updates for May, 2013
11 17-6/2013-SPG25/03/2013Calling for applications for Coordinator, Standards and Operations in the Universal Postal Union Inernational Bureau, Berne
12 .22/03/2013Roles of a Change Agent.
13 .22/03/2013A Story about Change_Chapter 1
14 2-01/2013-WL/Sports14/03/2013Formation of 14th Postal Sports Board for the term 01.04.2013 to 31.03.2015 - invitinq of Circle nominees
15 No.1-07/2012-PCO(PMLA)04/03/2013creation of AML/CFT compliance infrastructure in the Circles
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