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Sl. No.Order No.DateDetails 
1 13-02/2017-Trg17/03/2020Holding of new training courses at RAKNPA/postal training centre/Regional Training Centre in light of Novel COVID-19 pandemic.
2 H-4/Trg./Trg.Calendar/Plan/2018-1903/03/2020In service Training Programme at PTC, Darbhanga, Bihar
3 H-4/Trg./Trg.Calendar/Plan/2018-1905/02/2020In Service Training Programme at PTC, Darbhanga, Bihar.
4 PL-2/6/Trg/Ch.V25/01/2020Rescheduling of SA (DR) Induction training program from 16.03.2020 to 01.05.2020 at PTC Saharanpur
5 Trg-1/2-1/Ind.PA-230/202014/01/2020Induction Training for candidates selected as PAs-DP-LGOs
6 Trg-1/2-1/Ind.SA-27/2020 14/01/2020Induction Training for candidates selected as SAs-DP-LGOs PTC Mysuru
7 PL-2/6/Trg/Ch.V05/12/2019Induction Training Calendar for the 4th Quarter (January-20 to March-20) of the year 2019-20 at PTC Saharanpur
8 H-1/Trg./Trg.Calendar/Plan/2018-201920/11/2019Induction Training Calendar for the 4th Quarter (January, 20 to March, 20) of 2019-2020 at PTC, Darbhanga, Bihar
9 11-36/2014-Trg(Vol.III)17/11/2019Calling Nominations for Training Programme/workshop on Administrative Vigilance: Role of IO/PO to be conducted by ISTM, New Delhi from 03-07 Feb 2020
10 Trg-1/2-1/Ind.PA-229/2019-2030/10/2019Induction Training for candidates selected as PAs-DP-LGOs
11 S/Trg III/06/QC/2019-2017/09/2019Quarterly Calendar for the 3rd Quarter of 2019-20
12 11-15/2012-Trg09/09/2019Induction and In-service training of Postal Assistants working in RLO
13 H-4/Trg./Trg.Calendar/Plan/2018-19 28/08/2019Induction/In service Training Calendar for the 3rd Quarter(October,19 to December, 2019) of 2019-2020 at PTC Darbhanga, Bihar.
14 6-01/2019-WI&Sports05/08/2019Finalization of Annual Sports Calendar for the year 2019-20-reg
15 S/Trg III/06/QC/2019-2003/08/2019Revised additional Quarterly Calendar for the 2nd Quarter of 2019-20
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