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Sl. No.Order No.DateDetails 
1 6-13/2018-WL/Sports03/01/201933rd All India Postal Volleyball Tournament(2018-2019) Final results
2 6-07/2018-WI&Sports02/01/201932nd All India Postal Basketball Tournament at 2018-19 Kolkata in West Bengal Circle from 03.12.2018 to 06.12.2018 final results
3 6-11/2018-WL&Sports02/01/201932nd All India Postal Kabaddi Tournament-2018-2019 final Results
4 6-09/2018-WI&Sports11/12/201832nd All India Postal Football Tournament(2018-2019) Final Result
5 6-06/2018-WL&Sports 07/12/201832nd All India Postal Cricket Tournament(2018-2019)final Results
6 6-16/2018-Wl&Sports05/11/201833rd All India Postal Athletic & Cycling Tournament 2018-19 -Circulation of Result
7 6-05/2018-WI&Sports11/10/201833rd All India Postal Chess Tournament(2018-2019) final Results
8 6-04/2018-WI&Sports 26/09/201823rd All India Postal Carrom Tournament(2018-2019) final Results
9 6-08/2017-WI&Sports13/02/201831st All India Postal Basketball Tournament 2017-18 - circulation of final results
10 6-07/2017-WI&Sports12/02/201832nd All India Postal Cultural Meet 2017-18, circulation of final Results
11 6-16/2017-WI&Sports02/02/201832nd All India Postal Athletics & Cycling Tournament 2017-18 - Circulation of final result
12 6-05/2017-WI&Sports02/02/201832nd All India Postal Chess Tournament 2017-18 - Circulation of final result
13 A-34013/05/2016-DE30/11/201733rd All India Postal Table Tennis Tournament 2017-18, circulation of final results
14 6-04/2017-Wl&Sports23/11/201722nd All India Postal Carrom Tournament (2017-2018) - Circulation of final results
15 6-10/2017-Wl&Sports21/11/201731st All India Postal Hockey Tournament (2017-2018) - circulation of final results
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