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1 25-11/2016-FS-CBS05/03/2021SB ORDER 3/2021 - Revision of cash acceptance limit in GDS Branch Post office and Cash transaction limit at other SOLs
2 DA-22/1/2020-DA05/03/2021Booking of International airmails- EMS, Letter, Parcels & International Tracked Packet
3 14-10/2019-PE-I04/03/2021Upgradation of Tetari Bazar MDG into a Head Post Office by renaming it as Siddharth Nagar HO by simultaneous downgradation of Bansi HO into LSG SO
4 Staff/R-38/2020/Ch-I dated 03.03.202103/03/2021Waiting list of officials in ASP/IP/Steno/PA (PO)/PA (CO/RO)/PA(SBCO)/SA/Postman/MTS cadre for Inward Inter Circle/Intra Circle transfer under Rule-38 in Bihar Circle for the Year 2020
5 31-01/2021-PO03/03/2021Issuance of Instructions for non-disclosure of the identity of the complainant under "Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informer"
6 9-06/2021-SPG-Il03/03/2021Convening of DPC for promotion of Officers to the cadre of Postal Service Group 'B'
7 Staff-32/R-38/Misc/2020/SBCO dated 03.03.202103/03/2021Approved list of officials in PA(CO/RO) and PA (SBCO) cadre for Inter Circle transfer under Rule-38 in Bihar Circle for the year 2020
8 Q-14/05/2020-PE-I02/03/2021Proposal for upgradation of Uppal DSO as Uppal HO by downgradation of Stn. Kacheguda HO to Stn. Kacheguda NDSO
9 1-2/2019-CWP/4002/03/2021Identification of Sanctioned posts in the grade of Assistant Engineer (Civil)
10 STA2/R-38/Misc/intra Dn/Trf/2020/14101/03/2021Transfer order under Rule-38- CG Circle
11 Staff/ Rule 38/NE/ 202001/03/2021Inward & Outward Inter Circle & intra Circle Rule 38 Transfer - Waiting List - 2021 - NE Circle
12 Staff/ Rule 38/NE/ 2020 (i)01/03/2021Outward Inter Circle Rule 38 Transfer - Rejected List - NE Circle
13 18-02/2020-SPG-126/02/2021Draft Civil List of officers of Indian Postal Service (IPoS)
14 DA-22/1/2020-DA26/02/2021Resumption of International mail Services-EMS, Letter, Parcel & ITPS
15 02/202126/02/2021Enhancement of limit of withdrawals at GDS Branch post offices without obtaining sanction/approval from Account Office
16 18-02/2020-SPG-125/02/2021Circulation of Draft Civil List of officers of Indian Postal Service (IPoS)
17 STA 8-18/Misc/Rule-38/2020/ChI24/02/2021Publishing of correction memo of Inward/Outward Inter Circle transfer of Postal Assistant PO in r/o MP Circle
18 SB Order 1/202123/02/2021SB Order 1 / 2021 (Collection of various fee/charges prescribed in schedule II of GSPR-2018 in Finacle)
19 PP-20-3-2020-PAP23/02/2021Clarification regarding queries being received in respect of Special cash package equivalent in lieu of Leave Travel Concession fare for Central Government employees
20 PP-28-01-2020-PAP23/02/2021Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme -1980 - Table of Benefits for the savings fund for the period from 01.01.2021 to 31.03.2021.
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