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Circulars, Rules and Latest Orders Date Format (DD/MM/YYYY)

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Sl. No.Order No.DateDetails 
1 ST-III/R-38/Vacancies/202023/09/2020Waitlist of Rule-38 requests to Andhra Pradesh Circle for the year 2019
2 SB Order No. 32/202023/09/2020Regarding acceptance of withdrawal form (SB-7) with passbook for subsequent deposit/ opening of new account for National (Small) Savings Schemes in GDS Branch Post Offices
3 22-1/2019-PO21/09/2020Further Extension of grace period of 3 more months for publishing/ printing of Registered Newspapers (as a whole from March-2020 to November-2020) and allow posting of the same upto December-2020 in view of Covid-19 Pandemic and subsequent lockdown-reg
4 4-25/2014-SPG18/09/2020Special Foundation Course for backlog officers
5 Addendum to SB Order No. 31/202016/09/2020Clarification on physical presence of witnesses at the time of acceptance of deceased claim case
6 4-9/2019-SPG16/09/2020Draft Seniority List between DR & promotees of JTS cadre of IPoS Group 'A'
7 ST-III/R-38/Vacancies/202015/09/2020Rule-38 Memo of Andhra Pradesh Circle for the year 2020 along with date of releif
8 STA/54-Minutes/Rule38/Corr/202010/09/2020Outward register for inter circle transfer under rule 38 for the year 2020 as per Dte. Guideline dated 17.01.2019
9 25-17/2020-SPG09/09/2020Filling up of One post of Research Officer, Embassy of India, Bangkok on deputation basis.
10 4-4/2016-Vig09/09/2020Procedure for Empanelment of retired officers as the Inquiry Officers for conducting Department Inquiries
11 30-02/2020-WS08/09/2020Seeking suggestions/feedback/comments/inputs/views from general public/stakeholders on the draft "Indian Post Office Rules,2020"
12 Tenders/0709202007/09/2020Tender For Hiring of commercial vehicles for conveyance of parcels on Bengaluru to Nagpur route and vice-versa(Tender ID:2020_DOP_581753_1)
13 Tenders/0709202007/09/2020Tender For Hiring of commercial vehicles for conveyance of parcels on Mumbai to Nagpur route and vice-versa(Tender ID:2020_DOP_581747_1)
14 4-6/2019-SPG07/09/2020Confirmation of the officers in the Junior Time Scale of Indian Postal Service, Group 'A'
15 Staff/R-38/3-15/Outward/202007/09/2020Uploading of data file – Inter Circle Outward transfer cases of Group ‘C’ officials under Rule-38, Delhi Circle
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